Fatal Ways

from by Fatebringer



Fatal Ways

I'd rather be alone
Than be stuck here with you
I'd Rather be through
until my face turns blue

Stripped of morality
Blind to all sanity
Drift past reality
Ultimate fatality

closer to murder
Losing all control
No longer mortal

Gone to the portal
Off the radar
No where in sight

No where to hide
Brought to demise
Terror to your eyes

Far from the light
Brought to the blight
The place where you die

Enter my realm
End of days
Welcome to pain
My fatal ways

Tortured for good
Eating souls for food
Ingest the nothing
That you've become

Under my wrath
Now succumb
Worthless bug
Expell the scum

Born for no purpose
Only to end
Never to beg
Only to take

Submerged in flame
Death in my name
Pity your fame
Witness your shame

My only actions
Are for you to blame
One in the same
I've gone insane

With no feeling
In my face
You cannot escape

Equal elimination
For all living
Witness the pain
Of my fatal ways

Enter my realm
End of days
Welcome to pain
My fatal ways


from Fatal Ways, released April 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Fatebringer Texas

Chris - Vocals
Josh - Lead Axe
Dacien - Axes
Tc - Bass
Tanner -Drums

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